Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My name

I got a call today at work. It went something like this:
Me: "Thank you for calling My Workplace, this is C****"
Vendor: "May I speak to C**** (pronounced wrong)?"
Me: (pause) "Speaking"
Vendor: "Oh."

Why is it so incredibly hard to read all of the letters of a person's name? My name is ALL OVER the account info they were calling about. My email address is my name, etc. Although, I confess, this mispronunciation I can deal with. I even had someone accidentally screw up and label me a very unusual misspelling of my name once, which I can sort of understand. But I HATE, no, loathe, being called “Christine”. Ish. Now, ironically, this is the full name of my BF, who goes by a nn in any and all circles, since she’s not terribly fond of her full name either. But mostly, I hate it because of the association to my high school nemesis, Christine. Even now, nearly 10 years post-graduation, I cannot stand this girl. We competed in EVERYTHING from 4th grade until graduation. Music parts, writing assignments, Sr Superlatives – her boyfriend (an old friend of mine who was WAY too good for her) even had a bit of a crush on me before she asked him out Jr. year. She lives in some Yankee state now and even has a job in MY SAME FIELD. It’s creepy how much we have in common and how we never got along except in that I-have-to-put-up-with-her polite way. So I hate being referred to as Christine.

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