Monday, January 8, 2007

Babies: Faster

I started spotting last night. I haven’t slept well in weeks. I’m up a minimum of 2 times per night to pee. Usually, 1 of those times is within an hour of the alarm (usually more like 30 minutes) and it’s the worst – I cannot wait until the alarm no matter what. Saturday night I woke up with really bad pain that seemed odd and I had a brief panic that I was having an ectopic pregnancy that had just destroyed my tube. I ended up being one of my obnoxious bowel movements. I’ve had a lot of those lately. The spotting confuses me, since I’m not due for another several days (Thursday). I haven’t had early spotting on my period for months, so it’s even stranger to get it now. Of course, last months period was kinda wacky – maybe this is the overflow from that. Ether way, I’m obviously not in a healthy place right now and it’s making me nervous.
Mr Moose has decided that we can move up our “actually trying” date by a month. Sometimes, he baffles me – there is too much confusion on this subject to actually write it out clearly, so bare with me.
1. A month ago we got into an argument of sorts regarding the schedule of said trying. He didn’t want to start officially trying any sooner than his “stated date”, even though he had been totally psyched during our first pregnancy scare in mid-November.
2. He told me this out of the blue while he was at work. I was completely surprised.
3. This is more of a fiscal thing than a desire to start trying thing, I think. We were going to take a vacation during the fertile time the month we began to start out by having some fun with it. Those dates are more expensive than the previous months’ dates for hotels and airfare, etc. So, to save money, he wants to take the vacation earlier. I have no idea how I feel about this reasoning.

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