Monday, January 1, 2007

HAP-py New Year!

Mr Moose and I began our new year and our resolutions to get our weight and health in better shape by going for a long walk (with the dogs) last night after dinner. We typically just take a walk around the block – a decent sized block, but nothing spectacular. However, last night I got the bright idea to go the other way and it ended up making it a much longer walk. It was okay – not too much or anything, but I realized I had to use the rest room half way out and it had rained all day so there were many puddles for us and the dogs to walk through or around.

While watching TV over the weekend, I saw an ad for this Pilates resistance band thing that I was very interested in. It claims that with only 2 minutes per zone, you can get a good work out. Mr Moose was willing to order it for me if I promised to use it. He also bought me a yoga/Pilates mat at Target and we both vowed to start stretching in the mornings before these new supplies get here. We also talked about borrowing some exercise videos from his sister who recently went on a fitness kick and has lost a lot of weight and has even done several mini-marathons and half triathlons with her training. I hate the idea of going to a gym since I pretty much have no clue what I’m doing and am in terrible shape. I can’t believe how badly I am out of shape. It’s sad. So home videos, stretches from my cheerleading days and Pilates tension bands are my early plan of attack.

We bought the grill last week and are planning to use it a lot for meals since it’s a nice, flavorful and healthy way of cooking. Also, grilling was the first way I got into eating vegetables… I was visiting my college roommate and her husband and they had just bought a grill the day before I arrived. We used it all weekend long and Kristie made these vegetable packets for grilling. They were wonderful. Nice and crisp (the best way to eat vegetables IMO) and I really started getting into Asian food and crisp vegetables even though before that point I had avoided most vegetables at all costs.

We also bought an electric juicer to start to juice some of that extraordinary amount of fruit that is growing in our back yard. I have been avoiding citrus because of my frequent heartburn (you know what fixes it? Egg nog. Weird, huh?) but Mr Moose LOVES it. I have the occasional sips and it’s really good.

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