Thursday, January 18, 2007

Other peoples babies...

Since out email/internet/phones are out today at work, I have little to do but type my copy and hope for a better time to post them.

Mr Moose and I booked our vacation last night. We’re going to spend 5 days in Orlando. It’s sort of a kick off to the baby-making marathon. I’ve posted before on why I am so interested in infertility blogs, etc. and why I think I may have some trouble due to family history. I‘m having a hard time just letting it come as it may for at least the first few months. I’m temping, but mostly to get a good idea about my cycle schedule. I am attempting to resist purchasing OPKs – I figure I’ll wait for a few months at least and if I don’t feel I’ve got a handle on my schedule, maybe I’ll purchase a couple. We shall see what I can actually resist next time I’m at Target. I seem to be obsessed with HPTs since our “scare” in November. I’m even getting picky about which ones I like. When I first got married, my BF advised me to buy a multi pack since I would most likely get “scared” periodically. She was right.

Congratulations to Heather on the birth of her baby girl, Kirsten yesterday!

My BF is due at the end of the month (10 days left), but was at the doctor’s this week and she is 90% effaced and 2cm dilated, so she thinks she’s ready to go any minute now. When her first son was born, almost 4 years ago, she went into labor in the middle of the night and didn’t call me until early Easter morning to tell me he was there. I understood that, but I had kind of wanted to be there. As it was, I was the first person other than hospital staff and his parents to hold him, so that was cool. I don’t think the grandparents are aware of that status, but it still means something to me. She thinks her doctor may tell her to go to the hospital when she gets checked this afternoon. I really want her to call me and tell me to come and wait, but I don’t think she will, so I’m a little bummed. I was talking with Mr Moose about it yesterday and I think it’s because she and I have different definitions of what constitutes family. I really need to post that quote from Grey’s Anatomy about choosing your family… Being an only child, I adopted those who I was close to. My sister, an extra set of parents, etc. My BF defines family as blood or marriage related. I am not even allowed to be referred to as “Aunt” by her son, because I am not his aunt. This surprises me because she is also an only child and she has adopted a Dad who is not blood related to her (her mother’s first husband). But whatever.

I ordered a couple of books from Amazon recently about making a baby, etc. I was a little disappointed in the first one that I started to flip through last night. It was 90% about infertility and the treatments and diagnosis, etc. There was really only one chapter that pertained to everyone who was trying to get pregnant, not just those who were having trouble. Maybe that is because people who don’t have trouble don’t usually need a manual to tell them how to get pregnant? I mean, how many people are as obsessed with the research as I am?

My cycle is screwed up because of my early/strange period last month. I was doing so well, too. I don’t know which day to call the first day of my period and I don’t know how many days to call my cycle, anything. Yuck.

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