Friday, February 2, 2007

Oy with the poodles already!

Mr Moose and I got into a discussion over dinner last night about gift giving and it came up that the gift he gave me for Christmas our first married year was not exactly inspiring. He got very self-conscious about it because I had not told him at the time that I was disappointed. In fairness, that whole Christmas was a disappointment but mostly because he got some sort of violent stomach bug Christmas Eve and spent the next 12 hours projectile vomiting. Not my happiest Christmas memory. So the gift – it wasn’t great, but it wasn’t the most awful thing he could have given me, either, by far.
So now I’m feeling guilty – he implied that he was going to have to make this Valentine’s Day spectacular since our first Christmas (not the most recent one, but the first one) was such a dud. Argh. I hate the pressure. Because since his birthday is also Valentine’s day, I always feel like I’m disappointing him on one or both fronts by not getting him 2 perfect gifts. He is usually an excellent gift giver.

My SIL may be pregnant. I am happy for her, because I know she has been trying, but I am also concerned about the sibling rivalry that may rear it's head if we turn up pregnant shortly thereafter. The childish "you copied me!" debate. Not having grown up with siblings, I have never dealt with such issues, but I see it all the time in those around me.

I had some spotting just now. Early again? I can't handle it! I feel like crap which is partly due to stress and partly due to PMS-ing, I guess. It has been a very busy week at work and I haven't felt like doing ANYTHING at home. I did laundry on Monday - that was the end of my household chores for the week. My kitchen is a disaster. The bus work week has also been bad for my blogging, so to those who are reading (my counter assures me that you truly are out there) I appologize for my lax postings this week. I hope to get back to them soon with more frequency.

Boss #1 told me today that we may only be a week away from filling my current position, so that I can officially move to my new position and my new office. I am thrilled. Beyond measure. Part of the reason I have been so utterly busy of late is that I have been doing both my old job and my new job and it is a large workload. The nature of my old job is that I could be here 8:30 to 5:30 and that was it, but I have needed to come in early/stay late to accomplish my tasks in addition to having a temp do some of the work for 3 days this week. I am exhausted.

The title of my post is another "Gilmoreism" and has more to do with a lack of a good title than anything else. However, to the week that is about to end, I say "oy, with the poodles already!" I really need this week to be over.

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