Thursday, January 4, 2007

Update on Resolutions

Update on goals for the year:
I know it’s only 4 days into the year, but thus far, I’ve been doing pretty well. Mr Moose and I have gone on a mile walk (with the dogs) each night of 2007 so far. I really didn’t want to go last night, but he pushed and I did and it wasn’t awful. I was in SUCH a bad mood last night, it was crazy. I’m 1 week away from CD1 and I must be really PMS-ing.

We’ve been eating reasonably healthy for dinners and been consistent about eating breakfast, which in the past has not been even remotely a priority.

Not doing so well with the morning stretches. We both did on Tuesday, but that’s been it for me. I need to do more of that.

I still have not written my Christmas thank you cards. I know EXACTLY what I’m going to say to my Gramma, but I have yet to actually pull out the card and write it. I’m also behind on printing my 2006 in review holiday letter. I’m such a slacker.

Random thoughts: I hate student loans. While I appreciate that they were blessedly easy to get in order for me to get the education that I wanted, I had no idea at the time what it was going to mean to have that much debt over my head. It’s insane. I know there are people who have it WAY worse, but it’s still frustrating. Student loan debt is actually keeping me from being able to pay old credit card debt. And I can’t quit working until my student loans are paid off because while we can LIVE on my husband’s income, we can’t pay off old debt without mine. I need to win the lottery.

More random thoughts: I am exceedingly grateful to have the husband that I have. I read other women’s blogs – especially the ones about infertility or trying to get pregnant, and I realize how amazing my husband is. He listens to my complaints and my fears about my body, he can even talk intelligently with my about my cycle since he’s been listening to my research findings for months now. When he talked to sister he was able to ask her some intelligent questions about how her struggle to get pregnant because he had been paying attention to my factoids.

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