Friday, January 7, 2011

7 Quick Takes

Ugh. My head hurts.

1. Yesterday, I did my work out, but it was sort of half-assed and the baby started crying with 5 minutes to go and I just gave up. I had a bad attitude and I was sore and stressed and I just wanted chocolate. When I told that to my husband he said "sounds like you're about to start your period" and he was right - it did sound like that. But I'm not ready to start my period! Gosh darn it, I should still have MONTHS left of this non-menstrual thing.

2. My step-brother and his wife are pregnant. Like they just-got-2-lines pregnant, she hasn't even been to the doctor yet. And they've told EVERYbody. My other step-brothers and their respective significant others (one is married, one is dating) keep joking around about them having a girl. This is funny because there are no girls in the last 4+ generations of this family. (My step-dad has 3 sons, is one of 3 brothers, has only biological uncles and great uncles, etc.) But my step-SIL wants a girl and B usually gets what she wants. The family joked that she would get a girl no matter what, even if it meant trading babies at the hospital. Even if it meant HER MOTHER would have trade babies at the hospital. Ha ha. I hope it doesn't come to that, because I kind of wouldn't put it past her... (I'm kidding.) (Sort of.)

3. The night of Little Man's vaccines this week, he woke at 2am burning up. He responded quickly to Tylenol and then I rocked him for awhile and he went back to sleep. I didn't take his temp, but he was SO hot, poor little man.

4. We're going to the outlet mall this weekend. We're hoping to get new dishes. And I'm hoping to shop at a few other stores, too.

5. My mom got me one of those scrabble tile necklaces for Christmas. I love the ones she wears and I love the ones I've seen on Etsy, but the one she got me says "It is What it is" and I just don't get it. I'm hoping I can find a way to discreetly exchange it, but I don't know where the shop it that she got it from. There is an Etsy address on the packaging, but the Etsy store is empty. I know mom got it from a local shop, though. I'll have to see if she can tell me where she got it.

6. I want this dress from Modcloth. I can't decide why I love it so much. Is it just because it reminds me of something Emma Pillsbury would wear, or if it really is "me?" I've gotten really into the style of Emma lately, but can't afford it. But this dress is affordable. But I can't really wear one-piece dresses much when I'm nursing... so I'm delaying buying it. But I want it.
7. One cute pic of the kids for you.
Hard to believe this was taken a month ago and Little Man has gained a couple of pounds since then and no longer fits in any part of this outfit except the vest.

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