Thursday, January 27, 2011

Household of Sickness

Yesterday, I thought I might be dying. Am still miserable today, but slightly better. Yesterday I spent the bulk of the day in bed. I slept through the night (propped the baby's mattress up with a pillow so he could sleep elevated and voila! Slept through the night) woke to feed him at 5:30 - went back to bed by 6:30 and when my husband came to kiss me good-bye just before 8, realized I felt like I had been hit by a bus. Every joint in my body hurt. They hurt when I lay still and they screamed when I moved. I couldn't get comfortable. My head pounded. My throat was sore and glands were swollen (that petered off during the day, thank goodness). My wonderful, blessed, sweet, loving husband declared he was working from home and stayed to let me sleep (I didn't get out of bed again until 11. I ate some soup and watched a tiny bit of TV and then went back to bed until almost 4). I fed the baby in bed, but otherwise, did nothing helpful until evening.

My house is a disaster. Seriously. I am trying not to think about it.

Last night, Fuss started acting more congested. I gave her some Tylenol when I heard her whimpering from her bed an hour or so after bedtime. She woke this morning with a horrible cough. The baby is still snotty and coughing and irritable, but he started to occasionally smile again yesterday, so I know he's doing better, at least. And he has mostly stopped screaming he fool head off.

I woke this morning with more of a headache and less of the body aches. My sore throat has decreased in pain, but increased in area. And I am more congested. Yippee. Day 2 of my husband staying home. (He is actually grateful, I think. A few problems have come up at work and he only has to deal with them by phone and email instead of more directly.)

I am able to get a bit more done when on medication. I did some laundry and we both began working on the pile dirty dishes/pans/garbage that is our kitchen slowly but surely.

I hurt. My neck and shoulders are so tight, I think I could strum them with a bow and make music.

Eventually, I will post something interesting on here. But meanwhile, bear with me.

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  1. I'm sorry you guys are sick! I think there's a plague ... on both our houses (sorry, couldn't resist). Get better soon! I actually bounced back quickly this time but it turns out S is a bigger baby about being sick than I am (takes some doing).