Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wow. I had no idea trying to squeeze work-out in with 2 kids was going to be this hard. I hate exercise, so I honestly thought that the actually DOING it was going to be the worst part (and maybe it still is - I have yet to actually start a work out) but just getting to it, seems to be a challenge I wasn't anticipating.

Monday morning I couldn't get out of bed. Daddy Fuss and I had had a disagreement the night before, had ended up staying up way too late and I just couldn't get out of bed when my alarm went off. Then, Fuss, who has been waking up between 8-9 the last 2 weeks was up by 7:15 and had taken over the living room.

I then had to rush around getting myself showered and dressed, her dressed, the baby dressed and fed, her undressed, bathed (because she coated herself in a combination of my deoderant and lotion) and re-dressed and out the door to the mechanic's to get the blower in my AC in my van fixed. We went directly from there (2 hours later) to Chuck E. Cheese to meet up w/ April and Spencer and Henry for lunch and I had a couple of slices of pizza, even though I was *planning* to get the salad bar (but we had a coupon for pizza!). By the time we got home, it was late, I had to get both kids to sleep so that we could leave for my husband's early (6:30) softball game. It was the play-offs, so I was actually hoping he'd lose (they did, though he specifically had a GREAT game) so we could go get some dinner and go home at a decent hour. He wasn't in the mood for dinner, though, having wolfed down a half a sub before the game. But he was very kind and agreed to go get me some Thai take-out. He ended up getting me some spring rolls (which are one of my absolute favorite things from the Thai place) so I ended up with a fried snack thrown in to my dinner, but that's okay! It was delicious, and I have to say I really enjoyed every single bite.

Tuesday morning, the Little Man who had been doing SO well with his overnight sleeping woke at 5:30 and demanded to eat. I rolled over when he was done and was going to snooze for just a few minutes and ended up sleeping until after 7. I got up and popped in the Jillian DVD, but as I was frantically searching for the remote, Fuss got up and took over the living room.

I wasn't sure it was going to happen during naptime, since Little Man started a crying fit and would not lay down in his bassinet for his nap. But eventually, I got started. Note to self: invest in a sports bra, especially if you are going to work out with breast-feeding boobs.

Jillian kicked my butt. And I couldn't do it all. I'm sure there are plenty of people (like my sisters-in-law) who are rolling their eyes at that statement. But seriously. I couldn't keep up. I am THAT out of shape. I know it's a 20-minute work out. I get it. And I truly believe that I SHOULD be able to do it, but I can't seem to keep that pace, even for 20 minutes and believe me when I tell you that I have no ab muscles. No seriously. Other than keeping my bones in their place, I have no ab muscles. I never have. I can't do a proper crunch to save my life. Not even one. So this is going to be interesting.

I'm not looking to get hard-bodied in 30 days. I'm more realistic than that. But I am looking to be able to complete a 20 minute work out. That would be nice.


  1. Have you tried having Fuss "play" too? I let Spencer do my Wii Fit ... maybe she can work out with you, or you can try a dance aerobic type video that she would enjoy too?

  2. Before I got pregnant, I had worked up to running 3 miles without stopping. Then morning sickness hit and I laid on the couch for 9 weeks. Now I can barely make it up a flight of stairs. I hate it.