Friday, January 28, 2011

Quick Takes

1. Argh. My husband went back to work today and I was ready for him to come home within 45 minutes of his departure. The baby was screaming, there were 2 huge balls of snot dripping from Fuss's nose (now she's got it) and I went to grab her a tissue and stepped in dog pee. Immediately prior to this, I was trying to load the dishwasher (we're out of clean dishes) and dipped my sleeve in the murky water in the sink.

2. My husband's dog is dying. We've been wanting to find him a different home (ie. get him out of ours) but this wasn't the way we wanted it to happen. The problem I'm having now is that he is deteriorating quickly and I think it might be the time to put him down, but I don't feel like it's my place to make that choice, since it's HIS dog. (I never really warmed to the old guy and vice versa.) But he's not eating, he's left us presents the last 3 or 4 mornings and, to be honest, I'm sort of over it. (I don't hate the dog, but I've never been his number one fan. I wouldn't suggest this if he was healthy, by any means, but he is far from healthy at this point.) He has a tumor. It will eventually kill him (so says the vet) and I don't really want to watch him die or, more importantly, have Fuss watch him die. I just don't think that's a good thing for her to see at this age.

3. My husband has been terrific the last couple of days and he said to me last night "it just seems like every waking minute the last two days I've had one or the other kid ON me and I needed a break." He stopped at looked at me and said "I guess you know exactly what that's like, huh?" Oh yes, dear, I do!

4. We had made overnight arrangements this weekend (have a voucher for a hotel room on the beach) and while neither of us is feeling our best, I think it's going to be a much needed break for us both. I am grateful to my Mother-in-law for handling the kids for the night! I hope they behave for her.

5. While we were gone, the baby slept through the night better than ever before. What is with that? He seems to sleep better in strange beds than in his own. The first night we were up there, he slept 11 hours straight. He went to bed almost every night between 8-9 and slept until 5:30-6 in the morning. Why can't he do that at home?

6. I need a new phone. We're due for a contract re-up in March, but I don't know if my phone is going to make it that long. It has been shutting itself off with no warning for months and now I get less than 12 hours battery life on it. Since we currently have no land-line, I really depend on my phone, so losing it is bad. I really want a smartphone with a data plan, but my husband thinks it's pointless, since I'm home more often than not and don't really need instant access to email and such all the time. He's right of course, but I still like the idea.

7. Fuss keeps picking the movie Ice Age to watch, but then will never, ever sit through the whole thing. Ever. About the halfway point, she gets bored and disappears to play in her room or find some other game, etc. I don't know why I keep agreeing to let her watch it.

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  1. No useful suggestions but just to carry on! Put the dog in another room (spare bath?) on towels, quiet for his comfort, and yours. Draw, sing, dance... wash dishes together. Cheers!