Thursday, September 30, 2010

Care Bears, Clothes, and Crying

I had the opportunity to go shopping with my mom yesterday and look at whatever I wanted. The day started out rocky, as my mom was 2-3 hours later than expected - she didn't show up until 1:00 and usually, Fuss's naptime is around 1:30 (thankfully, she had slept in very late that morning and didn't need to go down as early as usual). But mom carried the baby around in her arms the whole time I was looking at shoes and clothes, so he was happy. I got a couple of new fall outfits that I'm psyched about, but she talked me into spending twice what I was planning to, so Daddy Fuss and I are discussing what, if anything, needs to go back to the store. But I'm kinda thrilled about getting some new fall clothes (fall is my favorite time of year for fashion. I should really live some place where there is - on average - more than 10 days of fall weather). I was hoping to find some silver heels to go with my black dress for my step-brothers' weddings and some silver earrings, but I didn't find anything in those categories that I loved, so... I was unsuccessful in that department. A trip to the mall is in my future, I think.

Daddy Fuss was reminding me of all the options on our Netflix On Demand for Fuss's viewing choices last night. Unfortunately, this morning when I showed her the options, she chose a Care Bear movie instead of one of the other, more educational (and less annoying) options, but I suppose we'll manage.

The last few days, the Little Man has been very fussy. He's having some pretty bad gas problems, so I know that is contributing, but in addition, he seems to just want to be held all the time. I was given a Moby wrap for him and I am psyched to use it, but he doesn't seem to like it long-term. I wonder if I am doing something wrong, since I would assume that the combination of being on me and being all cozy like that would make him happier, but not so much. I just want him to stop crying, poor little guy. But I cannot spend every hour of every day carrying him! I have things to do and another child to care for, so I have to come up with a viable option and SOON!

Our nights have been better the last 2 nights - he's going to sleep at least a little easier/faster after his 2am feeding, which is making mommy happier, so that's a good thing. He seems to like to lean on his side a bit when sleeping, so I've been using the hospital technique of rolling a receiving blanket up and propping him up slightly from behind. It works like magic.

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  1. I have two suggestions regarding the wrap - a) does he use a pacifier at all? because henry gets a little frustrated with the carrier when I first put him in it but the paci helps calm him down and then he's fine and b) absent a paci (or also) try putting him in it and then bouncing him with it for a minute or two with your hands on his butt area - it seems to be calming and reminds him that he's not alone in there.

    Hope it works out, like the swing - he didn't like it, and then he got used to it! :)