Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Clean and Organized!

With the move to our new room and finally getting my house back to somewhat normal, I am back on my organization kick. My mom helped me a ton already this week by helping me get ahead in my kitchen and getting my dining room back to working order. I still have to work on my desk and go through the bookcase and then there is the huge project of getting Fuss's new room together, which I have realized suddenly is a way bigger project than I initially expected it to be. Oddly, I had it my head that simply by moving out of the room and painting it, it would immediately be ready to move in her furniture and she could be in there quickly. There is way too much stuff in there, lots of cleaning to do, and I still have to do the detail painting I have been planning. But that's okay! It will get done, it will be fabulous and she will move in. The good news is, the baby seems to be happy in his bassinet in our room, so there is no major rush to get her out and him into the nursery.

But I'm still psyched to get more organized in general. I'm very motivated to get everything looking great around here. To get Fuss's toys out of crowding my living room (her new room will have a ton of space for playing - and more importantly, storing her toys.) I'm motivated to clear my beautiful IKEA bookshelf of the miscellaneous stuff crowding it and nearly falling off the shelves. (We've been using it as storage for random items since the construction began).

Now, if only the kids will let me sleep long enough to get my energy back!

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