Friday, September 17, 2010

7 Quick Postpartum Takes

It feels like it's been awhile since I did 7 Quick Takes. I know it's been a couple of weeks... and right now I'm too lazy to even check...

1. Fuss is still waking in the night, though not every night, and she's usually easy to put back to bed with a simple request (a drink, a hug, tuck me in) and somehow, since we're up and down with the baby anyway, it seems to be less of a pain.

2. Speaking of being up with the baby... he's basically down to waking once in the night w/ a late night before-mommy-goes-to-bed feeding (between 10 and 11). But I have the worst time getting him to go to sleep after he's eaten! Fuss was a "nurse to sleep" baby - all it took was a little mommy milk and she was out! But the Little Man needs to be nursed, then swaddled, sometimes nursed a little bit more (just a few sips, really) and then rocked. And often rocked and rocked and sometimes rocked some more. I was up for nearly 2 hours last night for his feeding and then-some session. Gotta work on that...

3. For the most part, nursing is going better. It's been a rough 2 weeks, I have to say. And it's not exactly easy at this point, but it's certainly getting better. I actually have a much larger post brewing on this subject...

4. I've been out of it for 2 days with a killer headache. It's at least in part hormonal - no meds were touching it - and I think, in part spinal again -and I was simply miserable. No progress on the house has been made since Tuesday, but that's okay. At the end of the day, the kids have been fed and cared for, are alive and happy and I - well, I'm alive.

5. I am having fun dressing my little boy - much more so than I thought I would. I already have a couple of favorite outfits and, oddly, they aren't all the ones I thought they would be. I do remember loving the Carter's "Speedy Exit Creepers" on Fuss for their functionality (plus, they were cute - ruffles on the rear and such) and I love those on him, too (no ruffles for boys, though!) but mostly the little preppy clothes are what are charming me. No shocker there. but he's smaller than Fuss was - the chubby baby thighs are missing (he has thighs, of course, but they aren't nearly as plump as his sisters were) and he can't seem to fill out all his clothes (I put him in a romper the other day and he looked like he was wearing football pads, so big were the shoulders on his little frame. Will be filing that outfit away until he's a bit bigger.) Oddly, he could probably fit those newborn clothes that I basically tossed off to the side... will have to pull some of those out...

6. I am not eating properly. I remember being voraciously hungry when I was nursing Fuss. I didn't always eat healthy, but I ATE. This time around, I seem to have to remind myself to eat most of the time. And sometimes other people have to do so... I tend to get headaches if I forget to eat, so that's a problem.

7. Fuss has been affectionate and sweet with both me and her little brother. She acts out occasionally, trying to get attention, but there is never anything negative directed toward her brother, so that's a relief. But she loves to give me hugs and kisses all day - even more so than she used to. That's a fun benefit!

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  1. so sorry about the headaches!! I get raging, debilitating hormonal headaches too and I can't imagine trying to care for little ones in the midst of that.

    #7 made me smile. :) I have a little brother and I remember what it was like when he was born.