Monday, September 27, 2010

How It's Going

My boobs hurt. I'm 3 weeks, 3 days into this nursing thing, and they are just starting to really bother me, so I guess I've been doing good. I need better bras, but none seem to fit right (still/again - this is apparently a carry over from pregnancy). I have 3 with under wire (which they say you shouldn't do because it causes problems, but I didn't have problems last time, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this time) and 2 without, plus some nursing tanks. The 2 without under wire are much more attractive, but they cut low and after wearing them awhile, they shift and "my cup runneth over." I am leaking regularly, despite daily pumping and a better schedule of eating. I've already gone through a box of 100 pads.

I did a ton of work on Sunday in the nursery - we finally got the crib raised! I set up the bedding and his toys (that are specific to him) and it looks all pretty now. When Fuss asked what I was doing, I told her I was setting up a bed for the baby. She asked where it was. I told her that it was the crib. She said, "no, that MY bed." So I explained that a crib was a bed for a baby, and that while this crib used to be hers, now that she isn't a baby anymore and she has a big girl bed (which she's been in since January, but the crib has remained in the room, since I was pregnant and we didn't see the point in removing it) we thought she could give her baby bed to her brother. She thought about it a minute, grabbed a toy off of her bed and asked if she could watch a movie. We shall see what happens when it's time to move her brother out of our room (though we will have her moved out of the nursery before then, so...)

I put away my maternity clothes (or attempted to - I need more bins for storage). I'm very happy about that, actually, as much as I love my maternity clothes. I'm keeping out a couple of shorts and jeans since I'm not back to my pre-pregnancy weight/shape. (I saw myself in the full-length mirror the other day - oh boy! I'm gonna need to do something about the sag that is my tummy!) But I'm hopeful.

I'm tired, but I haven't been taking naps as frequently lately. He's sleeping better - longer stretches through the night and Daddy Fuss is trying to help me out in the mornings by giving him pumped milk in a bottle first thing in the morning, so I can sleep longer.

Overall, things are good. I'm starting to feel more normal. We're getting into a routine and I am getting into the groove. I am adjusting to getting out with 2 kids instead of one. I am even keeping the house in a reasonable order, so far. (okay, so it's occasionally messy, but it's able to be cleaned up in under 30 minutes, so I think that's pretty good for me!) I still have more organization to do and a lot of down-sizing to still do!


  1. Have you tried reusable cotton nursing pads? I LOVE them, they're so soft! At first, I just bought one pack and if they were in the laundry I used disposables, but I loved them so much I kept buying more. I don't remember the brand but they're tan, 100% cotton, organic and I bought them at Babies R Us (using the always-around 20% off coupons).

  2. I had a friend recommend the reusable ones when I was pregnant w/ Fuss - she said I'd only need one pack of 3 pairs. Ha!!!! I soak through them way too fast. I've used 100 disposables in less than 3 weeks (I didn't need them until my milk came in) so I don't bother with the reusables anymore.