Monday, September 13, 2010

Week in review

Have survived a week at home with a new baby. He is actually a fairly easy baby, though I haven't yet figured out all his cries and that is frustrating (to both of us, I think) and he still struggles to latch sometimes, especially when I'm very full and my left side starts to leak all over him (which happens occasionally, especially since that seems to be the side he won't eat very long off of... perpetuating the cycle, you know?)

My husband returns to work today (Monday) and I am not sure I am ready for that. Thankfully, my mom will be around for a couple of days, but by Thursday I will be completely on my own. I am starting the panic attack now.

I had high hopes for my week at home with my husband. Very little of my plans got accomplished. Part of that is due to the bouncing from Dr.'s appt to Dr.'s appt all this week. We had pediatrician appointments on Tuesday and Thursday (another today, since he seems to have still been losing weight on Thursday) and chiropractor appointments on Wednesday and Friday. The good news is, those 2 chiropractor appointments seem to have very much helped my headaches. (That and realizing that I really should eat regularly. Oddly, I have had little to no appetite this time around. When I was nursing Fuss, I ate non-stop. I ate junk, sure, but I ate. A lot.)

My dining room is still a disaster and completely inaccessible. My living room cannot seem to stay picked up for more than 4 hours. Despite the fact that we haven't really had to cook all week (take out, deliveries from church people and stuff I made and froze ahead of time) my kitchen is constantly a disaster, too.

I did get pretty much every item of clothing in our house laundered and dried and folded (a few piles still need to be put away) and we have moved into the new room (pictures after tomorrow when my mom decorates out there). There is SO much more work to do on Fuss's new room - I don't think I even remotely realized how much it was going to take to get it ready to move her in. Daddy Fuss and I will be working on this for awhile.

I am tired. The lack of sleep and interruptions to what sleep I do get, is beginning to kick my rear. I remember being surprised that I dealt so well with it last time - this time, not so much!

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