Friday, September 24, 2010

7 Quick Takes at the end of a very rough week

It has been a rough week.

1. Fuss was sick on Wednesday, but seems to have gotten over it quickly. Some people blamed teething - she's getting her 2-yr upper molars - but she rarely gets a fever with teething and isn't that usually a low-grade sort of deal? Hers repeatedly spiked to over 103.

2. The little man has gotten into an evening routine that is... difficult? frustrating? complicated? He begins to cluster feed between 7:30 and 8:30, which means he wants to eat every 45-60 minutes until around 11, when we wrap him in his swaddle and all go to bed. He is clingy during this time and doesn't want to be put down, gets a little fussy/gassy, etc. He does then sleep 3-4 hours, usually until late in the 2am hour so I typically get a small amount of uninterrupted sleep at that point. He's hit or miss if he goes right back to sleep after he eats at 2 - there have been nights when I'm up for awhile and nights when he goes back to sleep immediately after eating (those nights are my favorite!). Then he gets up between 5-6, usually and wants to eat (we're trying to make sure I've got a little milk pumped off so Daddy Fuss can take that feeding and give him some milk in a bottle and give me a little more sleep) and passes out for another couple of hours. If Fuss wasn't waking repeatedly in the night, it would be pretty manageable. But that's another story.

3. I am still regularly plagued by headaches, but they have changed to mid-day stress headaches, I think. Also when I need to eat. They are mostly more mild and much more manageable than they had been.

4. Little man has some really bad baby acne on his face. My best friend's 3-yr-old pronounced him "Scary" looking yesterday and kept asking about the red bumps on his face. Fuss had it, but not nearly this bad. I feel bad for him, but of course, it doesn't seem to bother him in the slightest, just his mama.

5. I need a new outfit for my step-brothers' weddings in another few weeks. The only things I own that would be remotely appropriate are one-piece dresses that would require me to basically undress in the bathroom to nurse or - as my mom wants me to - pump while I am there. (she thinks we will need to leave him with a babysitter, but I'm thinking it's going to be WAY too long of an event - 2 ceremonies and a double reception, plus a long commute and all during his cluster-feeding time when my boobs are used to producing the most milk. I'm afraid my chest might explode - haha.) I'm hoping to find something cute and functional to meet my needs.

6. I love my My Brest Friend nursing pillow, but there are some minor flaws. I love the basic function of it - that it wraps around and connects by adjustable strap so that it stays in place instead of being able to slide away from my body like my old Boppy. But the back foam is a little thick to get comfortable in all sitting areas, and I wish the strap fed through the cover instead of being attached to the cover - I can't wash the cover (which of course has already had things spilled, dropped and leaked onto it) without losing the strap.

7. Tonight my husband and I are getting a night out - I've been pumping as much as possible for the last couple of days so that my SIL can handle the cluster feedings that he does and we are going to dinner. I am very much looking forward to it, as I seriously need a break!

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  1. Congratulations on getting out - I hope your night out is fabulous and the kids let you sleep:)

    I'm with you - it sounds like it would be very difficult to leave the little guy at home for the weddings. I don't know where to get nursing clothes - I never had any made-for-nursing clothes - but I had some clothes that worked pretty well for nursing in public and a great nursing cover. I would just nurse through the reception! I found that people generally had no idea what I was doing, but I don't know if you're comfortable nursing in public.