Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just wait

I feel like I am constantly telling one of my kids to wait. Fuss wants a snack or a refill on her juice? You need to wait until your brother is done eating. The Little Man starts screaming because he's hungry? Just wait until I'm done with your sister's diaper change. There is only one of me, I only have 2 hands and I can only do so much at one time.

How on earth do parents of multiples handle it?

I feel like the little man gets the short end of the stick - he eats and we cuddle, but then when he's done I have to put him down to do something for his sister, get some housework done, go to the bathroom, etc. I know I snuggled with Fuss a lot more at this age - but that was also motivated by the thought that I was going to back to work in a couple of months and my lack of motivation for housework at that point in my life. (Now that I know what it's like to have a relatively clean house, I like it!)

I'm getting better at balancing every day life, but I feel like one or both of my kids is always getting shafted somehow. Please tell me this gets better.

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  1. In my experience it has gotten a little easier. The big shift is that K and even L to some extent are used to waiting. It just becomes part of the norm. Plus, once Fuss starts doing more for herself that's less that you have to do. The first 9/10 months of Little Man'a life will be the hardest.