Friday, May 8, 2009

I started reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility again this week. I knew I needed a refresher in charting/temping for the upcoming months. But I had forgotten how much I had forgotten (ha ha) and I'm so glad I'm re-reading it.

The Fuss has been a total handful the last couple of days. She is into everything, throws tantrums, is uncooperative, demanding, etc. She is also sweet, cuddly, adorable and flirtatious. Her hair has gotten so curly, and the slightest bit of moisture (just a tiny bit of sweat or whatever) makes it a mass of beautiful baby curls. She gets the color from Daddy Fuss, but the curls? They're all mine. Heather recommended a baby shampoo for curly hair that I picked up today. I haven't used it yet, but I'm looking forward to seeing how it does in her hair.

I went to Target today for the first time in 2 1/2 weeks. This is some sort of record for me. I had gotten into the habit of going once or twice a week. I was spending so much extra money that I was trying to back off of my frequency. But Mother's Day cards, shampoo and feminine products were required, so I took the plunge.
I had read a blog post about Target-addictions recently. I can't remember who wrote it, not someone that I usually follow. But she said she figured out that she was spending an extra $120 per month on unneccesary Target purchases. She stopped going to Target altogether, buys her former Target stuff at the grocery store or at, even if it's a little more expensive.
I go in with a list and then I see things that I hadn't remember I needed, so I get those, too. Or I see a cute little shirt for The Fuss, or I realize I'm hungry and I need a snack. I've spent a lot of money over the last year on things I didn't need just because they were there.
So I'm doing my best to keep to the list, to not go every week just because. It's hard because it was something I could use each week to get out of the house, to distract The Fuss, to waste a little time before putting her down for a nap. But things will be better in the long run if I can keep our spending to a minimum, right?

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