Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I am considering switching to cloth diapers for child #2. I have heard some very good things about the options out there - g-diapers, bumgenius!, fuzzi bunz, etc. I have a couple of reasons -
1. They look really cute.
2. I'm told they do not leak
3. I'm told they are more cost effective if you stick with them
4. The environmental benefits (though, there is debate over the water vs. landfill problem. Here in FL, I wonder if the water issue should be given more weight?)

But mostly, I kind of think it might be fun and might be a good project for me. But I'm sort of afraid that it's going to be "fun" like having glasses was fun when I was 11. (I was so excited and thrilled and I really wanted them and love to wear them and then the novelty wore off and they were uncomfortable and I had to keep them clean and they would slip off my nose... ah, memories). And I don't want to waste money because start up can be kind of pricey (the cost-effectiveness is over time).

So I continue to research, and pour over blogs and info and listen to reports from my message board mommy friends.

But the question is, should I try it on The Fuss before we get around to having FutureBaby? Or should I simply start with a small amount on FutureBaby and see how things go, etc. ?

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