Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bathing suit shopping

I worked today and then The Fuss, my mom and I went shopping. I had to buy a bathing suit for our upcoming vacation. The first one since having a baby. Ugh. This is tempered by the fact that in addition to finding a bathing that looks halfway decent on, I also refuse to pay a ton of money on one (and, of course, we don't have a lot, either). So I had a budget. A small one, apparently since many bathing suit prices are more than I spend on a a good pair of jeans.

But I found one, it looks pretty good (or as good as a bathing suit can look on a post-baby body). My mom didn't like my choice until I put it and a couple of others on. The plain brown halter style tankini seemed to her to be boring (I'm calling it classic) so she kept pushing other prints and styles on me, but ultimately we went with the classic one since it looked WAY better than the others.

I hate the way my stomach looks post-baby. I've never had a flat tummy, really, but now it's extra soft, flabby, white and stretch-marked. Ugh. But I hate wearing a one piece and having to go to the bathroom (a problem I always have to deal with, I'll spare you the details of my latest incident) and so I felt like I needed a 2 piece, regardless of the tummy showing problem. The top is long, though so I can pull it down pretty far. I still need a cover-up though!

Anybody got suggestions for a really good sunscreen? I am fair and burn really easily. I'd really like to try the spray-on stuff, but wonder if it's any good.

While we were at the store buying my suit and my mom some new summer clothes (her shopping weakness - she loves clothes) - The Fuss was watching her try on sunglasses and kept wanting to try them on herself. Eventually, while we were in the baby department, we found a pair of baby sunglasses. She adored them, though she likes taking them on and off as much as she likes wearing them.

She's frowning at the hat, not the glasses. My mom desperately wants her to wear hats, but she hates them.

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