Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Giving Myself a Break About Needing a Break

I realized today that I hold a lot of mommy-guilt when I feel like I need a break from the baby. Sometimes I don't even realize I need a break until I'm at the breaking point.
I'm with The Fuss 24-7. Daddy Fuss and I go out on a date an average of once a month and get a babysitter. I occasionally get someone to watch her for a couple of hours for a doctor's appointment or a haircut. But I don't often get breaks from the responsibilities of being on-call.

I feel awkward asking people to watch my child so I can go do something that she could be with me while doing. (that was an awkward sentence. but it's been a long day, so I'm not going to try to fix it). I feel bad when I simply want to go to the library, the mall, to Target and I could easily bring her with me. I also have minimal options when it comes to what to do with free time. :) My closest girlfriends work full time (though one is a teacher, so she'll be free-er soon) and when they have time, they want to spend it with their own kids that they are away from all day. And I really like having somebody to do things with instead of doing them by myself.

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