Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Little Things

The Fuss has done a couple of new things recently (in the last 48 hours)

1. This morning, she really wanted an animal cracker, which she recognized from the box. She was very clear in expressing her desire, though she wouldn't even try and talk it out. She pointed, she nodded when I asked if she wanted a cookie, she clapped when I pulled out the box. I tried to get her to say "cookie" and she wouldn't even try and mimic the sound, but when I said "will you say mama for a cookie?" she said "mama" and smiled. She totally got that cookie.

2. She pulled off her diaper during her afternoon nap. Typically, she sleeps dressed, but she had dumped her lunch all over her earlier and it's hot, even with the AC on, so I let her sleep in just her diaper. I won't be doing that again. Her nap was shorter than usual and she woke up crying. When I went in, her diaper was on the crib mattress and she was stark naked. Oops. Guess I'll be changing those sheets.

3. We went to a Memorial Day BBQ and pool party. 5 couples, each with 1 child under the age of 2. It was a blast, and The Fuss had been in the pool before, but this time she really loved it. It's the first swim for the season and I'm looking forward to seeing her swim more.

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