Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Big head want dolly"*

The Fuss had her 15-month appointment at the pediatrician today. She is perfect in weight, short and big-headed if you consider percentiles the way to figure these things. :) (50, 25, 90) She got 2 shots. It took 2 hours. We were an hour and a half late in putting her down for her afternoon nap which meant she was a holy terror at the doctor's. This was no surprise, because she had been a holy terror this morning, too.

I'm starting to have those "how can I have another baby when I can't handle the first one?" thoughts again, though my friend, M (mother of 3) assures me that I can.

This morning I went walking w/ mommy friend J and her son (6 weeks younger than The Fuss). She is sort of SuperMom. Part of that is that she has a super laid-back baby (which can be both a blessing and bothersome) and she is Type A all the way. I don't agree with everything she does as a mom, and I know she doesn't agree with all of my choices, and usually I don't have a problem with that. But today? As during our entire 2-mile walk my daughter cried/fussed/whined and her child sat there quietly munching on his Cheerios. I was so embarassed.

She cried and complained for 30 minutes (a record for her) when I put her down for her nap upon returning home from the park. She whined and complained after her nap when I tried to change her/dress her/put her socks on/herd her out the door. She fussed repeatedly in the van on the way to meet her Daddy for lunch. She mostly behaved while eating, but complained during the car ride to the doctor's office.

It's been a rough day. I am tired. And my husband isn't coming home until late because of the stupid mandatory overtime at his job. I want to put the baby to bed early, and sit down to a meal of cheese fries and margaritas. I will do none of this, but it's a nice dream.

Lots more posting to do, but those are for another day.

*Gilmore Girls quote - apparently, Lorelai's first full sentence as a toddler. :)

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