Tuesday, May 22, 2007

There's Words

CD 1.
But it’s been a very weird weekend. Sunday my temp went down to coverline and I assumed I’d get AF the same day. Nope. Barely any spotting. Today it spiked quite a bit. I was confused most of the morning, but around 10:00 AM I went to check and I had begun. Passed another clot, but everything else seemed normal.

Until 11:00, when it appeared to all but have stopped? I’m so freaking confused.

Had a good weekend, mostly. Got some bad news about a repair to my car (A/C is shot – need new compressor. Very much $$$), so that was bad. But we went to a house concert in one of the Far Harbors and had a blast. Rod Picott and Amanda Shires - they were wonderful as usual. This is the second time we’ve seen them perform and they are great. The house concert atmosphere makes it even more special, since you get to talk with and get to know the artists. We’re looking forward to seeing Rod and Amanda again in the future. (today's post title is one of the song's off Amanda's album)

Oh the cramps! I can’t remember the last time I had cramps this bad. It’s awful. Not even Tylenol is helping.

My MIL has just been admitted to the hospital with renal (kidney) failure. The family is worried, of course. It seems to have hit my husband pretty hard. His father passed away, suddenly when he was 13 and I can only imagine how it would feel to have lost one and risk losing another of your parents (both of mine are still alive and well, thank the Lord.)

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