Monday, May 14, 2007

There's song that's inside of my soul (a long post)

Yesterday, in church, they gave a very nice presentation. They even acknowledged those of us who have been trying to become mothers and for whatever reason aren’t. They didn’t make us stand up or anything, but they showed a real sensitivity to the women who have been trying to have a baby. I have never seen this in church before, rarely is infertility or anything like it acknowledged in a general public forum. I applaud my church leaders for the moment they gave to the women who wanted to be mothers.

Shortly after that, they did a baby dedication. My church doesn’t believe in infant baptism, believing that baptism is an outward sign of your personal decision to accept Christ as your savior. Their alternative is to have the parents present the children to the church and ask for their prayers in raising them, committing in front of everyone that they will raise the children in the way of the Lord. It was a very nice presentation, but I pretty much cried my way through it. One of the babies belonged to the couple who had tried for 4 years and adopted right before Christmas. They shared their story the first Sunday Mr. Moose and I attended this church. It was so nice to see this happy family up there on the stage, especially after hearing what they had gone through to get there.

We had a nice Mother’s Day – my in-laws (Mom, Grandma, and 2 sisters) came over and we grilled and had a nice afternoon together talking, eating, etc. SIL, J, just came back from a long weekend in NYC and many stories to tell and pictures to share. She even got her face on the Today show, so we watched the clip she was in (we DVR-ed it when she told us she was going to try and get there). It was fun. They went to a Yankees game at Yankee Stadium – the hollowed ground of my husband’s favorite team.

My sister and her husband spoke at the church we both grew up at Sunday evening. It was the first time Mr. Moose and I had returned since we left rather abruptly 15 months ago. It was nice to see some old friends and a couple of the kids from our days as youth leaders. It was a little awkward having a casual conversation with the pastor and when his wife came to hug me when she arrived, I thought she was going to cry. She has always been a very nice lady and has written us a few cards since we left. I know she was sorry to have us leave. There was never a good time last night for a private conversation between us, but Mr. Moose was able to say thank you when they first saw each other in the entryway. Her oldest 2 kids were very special to us, so it was good to see them again, as well. In addition, my friend K (the birthday party we attended a couple of weeks ago) was there and we got to talk a little.

My step-father finally got to meet my sister and her family. He is going to be a great grandfather when the time comes. He was so good with the boys.

I had the thought yesterday when my crosshairs showed up that I’m now in the time where I either am or am not. If the egg only lasts 24 hours, then it either fertilized already or it didn’t. We got a “good” rating on our BDing this month since due to scheduling conflicts we didn’t the day before O (though we did twice the day of) or the day after. I know it only takes one, but I’m starting to get down in the dumps about the whole thing. I need to get over it and cheer up.

What is up with my face? I’ve been erupting like a teenager the last several days? Never realized how much the BCP really helped with all that.

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