Thursday, May 10, 2007

Female stuff

So, last night my sister, her husband and their 3 children (boys ages 7 and 5 and girl aged approx 18 months) came over to my house for dinner. I was very nervous – she said the kids weren’t picky eaters, but I was still a bit worried. We had chicken, broccoli and herbed potatoes and it seemed to go over pretty well. Not having kids myself, I of course had no toys for them to play with, but we gave them a set of dominoes (the boys – my niece was fascinated by the “puppies!”) and they busied themselves for over an hour setting up long trains and then knocking them down. I must say I am proud of myself for not cringing every time my younger nephew jumped off the ottoman. The only thing I didn’t like was the occasional blood-curdling scream of delight when they were playing. My mom always had a rule about screaming, and I’m afraid I’ve inherited it. My younger nephew (L) is kind of a “wild man” down to his bright orange hair (natural color, honest). He’s move active, louder, etc. than his older brother (C), but I did very well. I wondered after they left at the ability to get sticky stuff all over the table from one cupcake each, but I guess that’s to be expected.
The other news I got last night is that my sister is expecting #4 in October. She told me in a brief moment of alone time that I was the only one she wanted to tell for a long time, but since I’ve been dealing with my own inability to conceive lately, she didn’t want to shove it in my face. I’m thrilled for her, so I told her so. She was afraid I would be hurt since they weren’t actually trying for another one and got pregnant anyways. I am totally fine with this. Surprised, yes since their little girl was a happy accident originally. Bummed that my sister will have another child that I don’t get to meet for ages and ages, but I’m very happy that she will have another baby and I’m already beginning to pray that this new baby (I’m secretly hoping for another little girl and I’m already campaigning to name her Loreali) is healthy.

Okay, now to the diatribe on my Gilmore opine. I hate “rushed” endings on good shows, so I hate that they’re ending it without knowing from the get-go that it was ending. Dawson’s Creek? Awesome ending. Buffy? Great ending, perfectly fitting, etc. Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman – the ending SUCKED because they didn’t know until too late that they wouldn’t be renewed. Major cliff-hanger and we never got the payoff. If I were in Lauren and Alexis’s shoes, I would want the 7 years of my life to end perfectly, not abruptly. Why couldn’t they have just dealt with the shorter season? I’m miffed and stressed over the ending. I’m holding out hope that it is a decent ending as is rumored (and the scenes from next week included Luke and Lorelai kissing, so I’m hopeful).

CD 14 is here and no temp drop yet. The line on my OPK was darker still last night, but not quite where I expected it to be for a true +. I marked it as + on my chart, though because I don’t like seeing that yellow light “possibly fertile” indicator at the bottom.

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