Friday, May 4, 2007

Quatro de Mayo (a very boring post)

I had no time to write a post yesterday, and not much to write today. We had the in-laws over last night (little sister LP and mom) since LP wanted to soak in our hot tub. I made lasagna while Mr. Moose cleaned up a bit and we had a nice evening. After they left, I started to have some tummy trouble, which escalated into even more trouble. I’ll spare you the gruesome details, but let’s just say that my husband is going to be a great father if he’s willing to sit with me and hold me when I’m sick and then clean it up without making me feel guilty.

I watched the movie Toy Story for the first time this week. I know – it’s been out forever, blah, blah. In high school my friends and I were really into Disney movies. When Toy Story came out we boycotted to protest the demise of old school animation. But Mr. Moose loves Toy Story and since I’ve seen at least a couple of them since, it doesn’t really hold true anymore (I absolutely LOVE Monster’s Inc. for example.) So I watched it, and it was good, but I didn’t LOVE it like Mr. Moose does. I will admit to getting a little wrapped up in it at the end and wondering if Slinky would ever be able to bend back into his original shape.

I’m starting OPKs this weekend. I’m nervous and excited to try them, hoping this will do the trick. I only have 5 days worth, so we shall see what happens.

My sister is in town and I get to see her next week. I’m very excited. Apparently, however, my niece is having trouble adjusting to all these new faces and people crooning over her (she was born in Sweden and has never met most of the family and friends that they are visiting, plus she’s only 17 months old) and is being very fussy overall. I don’t blame her. I was a very shy kid and I can’t imagine all these strangers coming at me like that.

Happy Cinco de Mayo tomorrow! May you all enjoy your guacamole and margaritas!

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