Friday, May 25, 2007

Things Change/Somethings Never Change

A quick post to update you on my exhausting week -

MIL is still in the hospital, though is rumored to be being released tomorrow, if the test results come out as they assume they will. If not, we're back to square one.

Last night was Coach's funeral. If there is one thing I never expected at this point in my life it was to be singing at one of my teacher's funerals. He was a wonderful man and the service was beautiful. So many people got up to talk about who he was. One of my classmates (I believe he still holds the school record if not the state record for most baskets in a high school basketball career) got up to talk about what Coach had meant to him, his boss, his students, his co-workers, one by one, they all came to tell about what a great, compassionate, easy-going man he was. How much he loved his family, how much he loved the Lord. Someone mentioned how he was so good at being nice to those people (students especially) who really had no "worth" to him - they could do nothing for him, but he loved them and was friendly regardless. i was one of them. I was one of his wife's "kids" - she was the music teacher and music was my life in high school - but I was certainly no great athlete and had no bearing on his job or career in any way. But from the time I was 5, he was friendly and nice, always offering that quirky smile of his and a wink hello. I can't imagine how she must feel to have him gone, but I know we're all happy to know he is with God.

Many former students attended and i got a mini-reunion with old friends and classmates. Most are married, many have kids. It was good to see old faces and old friends. It was also interesting to see how time changes (or not) people. Several choir members were there with the same diva attitudes. Some things never change.

The title today, while appropriate for my observations is also a reference to 2 Tim McGraw song titles that i find amusing.

CD 5 and nothing spectacular goin' on.

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