Monday, May 7, 2007

Fireings and Fire Drills

Late Friday afternoon I was informed that one of my good friends at work was being let go. When the boss told friend/co-worker K and I about it, we were very angry and had a stare-down for several minutes. When he tried to get us to talk about it, both of us sat is stony silence, but I was too angry to let it go completely. I was proud of myself for staying composed, but I did let him know that every time they do this (this is the 3rd) everyone around gets nervous and panicked about “who is going to be next?” My comments allowed an opening for K as well and we were able to productively discuss the problems we see with our bosses way of handling things like this. It still sucks, but at least it was something.

On our way out the door later the let-go person (S – there are 2 Ss, this is the older one) was very quiet. No one knew how to act, so we were all acting normal for a Friday and I could tell she was ready to crack a little as she got in her car. I felt awful. And angry at our bosses for the way they handled it since I was able to see a better way of doing it, myself.

Looks like today is probably O day – my temp dropped rapidly this morning and I’m feeling some ovarian pain. We were very active this weekend, so that’s good. I started my OPKs on Saturday, though and neither looked promising. I’ll take another tonight and hope it looks good.

I’m getting frustrated with the situation surrounding my sister and seeing her. It’s like neither of us want to step on any toes so we’re not getting together. This SUCKS! She’s been nearby for a week and I still haven’t seen her.

Check out Julie’s post for today about a new bill being put before Congress about insurance coverage of ART treatments. This is a big issue for people with infertility and those of us who have the compassion for them. I’d be willing to pay an extra $1 per month to assure that more people could have the treatment they need to have a baby of their own, how about you?

We had another "fire drill" in our building this afternoon and I'm REALLY wearing the wrong shoes for the steep stairs. Argh!

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