Friday, May 13, 2011

7 Quick Takes

Blogger wasn't working this morning, so I'm late in posting.

1. Last night was a rough night. I woke at 3am to hear the baby talking and my stomach hurting. The Little Man had rolled himself over and was waiting for someone to pick him up and I guess play with him? No sir, not at 3am. I put him back in position, but while I was in the bathroom, he did it again. It took a few minutes for me to finish up, but I went in to get him about the same time as my husband heard him. He rocked him for awhile while I returned to the bathroom. My head was pounding. I'd had one drink after dinner and it was strong, so I thought maybe I was just hung-over (which is essentially just dehydration) hours later - I'm still hurting SO bad.

2. My husband was in a bit of a fender bender last week and we finally got the inspection today. Because the car is already fairly old, etc. etc. it looks like it might get "totalled" by the insurance company and we'll be in the market for a new vehicle. The good news to that is that my husband might get a vehicle with AC in time for the worst of summer! The bad news is that we don't have a lot of money to add to the check we'll get from the insurance company, so we're stuck with that amount when it comes to buying.

3. All I want is to relax this weekend and sleep and I don't think there's much chance of that happening. My husband is doing a sports photo shoot on Saturday and then we have church on Sunday. I just want to sleep.

4. I was reading my Wonder Weeks book the other day to figure out where Little Man's separation anxiety comes from (if it's part of his developmental stage or what) and it looks like some of his skills are really far behind? I don't know. If he hasn't mastered a few more things by his 9 mos appointment in June, I'll have to talk to the pediatrician about it.

5. I think we're going to the shooting range for a date night this weekend. I could use the chance to blow some stuff up.

6. I'm craving junk food this week. I think it's PMS. My Lucky friends keep teasing me that it might be pregnancy. I don't know if I can handle that, so I'm choosing to believe PMS.

7. Had a nice final meeting of MOPS today - got beauty tips from a manicurist and hair stylist. I think my mom and I are both going to go to this lady because she was AWESOME. She's into consultations factoring in lifestyle and face-shape and all that, which is EXACTLY what my mom and I have both been looking for in a stylist. I'm sort of psyched. Plus, she gave me some velcro rollers for free to try them out in my hair and see if I can get some more volume for a night out or whatever. Looking forward to trying it when I don't feel like I've been hit by a bus.

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  1. I would LOVE to have a hair/makeup consultation like thar. It sounds great!