Wednesday, May 11, 2011


MY SIL LP graduated from college last night. It's been a long haul for her. She graduated high school 9 years ago and has pretty much been taking classes every since. But she had no idea what she wanted to do, got sports scholarships to schools that didn't help her make those decisions and finally found her calling (sort of) so she finished and we are all happy for her.

Isn't it funny that you are practically forced to figure out your life at 18 when you go to college? I know I am an extremely different person than I was at 18. I'm even an extremely different person than I was at 23 when I finally figured out what I wanted to get a degree in. (At dinner with the family last night, we realized that now all four of my MIL's kids have their degrees. She pointed out that she's the only one in the family without a degree. I told her "you can have mine, I'm not using it!" which got peels of laughter all around. Sure, it's amusing, but it's also really depressing.)

I'm struggling right now. I feel useless - like the kids aren't getting the best care/education that they could get if I had them in day care or something and like I can't afford to do a job I'm qualified for and also put them in day care. Which is weird, because I never WANTED to put my kids in daycare and I felt like it was a blessing to be able to afford to stay home...

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  1. Doesn't it stink how we can never be totally happy with our choice? I know it's unrealistic to think we will be, but the phases when I hate working and just want to stay home really suck. I always end up EVENTUALLY being happy I have a job, though. I'm sure you'll eventually get back to the place where you wouldn't want to do anything but stay home.