Friday, December 4, 2009

7 Quick Takes - with a Picture and everything!

(Or Fuss, Flo, Family, Fashion, etc.)

1. I got AF this morning. Finally. CD1. But now I'm so achy and crampy that I want to go curl into a ball and be a blob. The dark, rainy, cold weather that just swept in doesn't help - this is the kind of weather that makes me long for a cup of hot tea, a cozy blanket and a good book with no where to be and nothing to do.

2. This morning at work, a customer brought Fuss a present. She has a 3-year-old grandson and has no prospects of more grandkids in the near future, so she often gives her outgrown toys to us. Most of the time they are in pretty good condition and she has saved me some money in the past, giving us items that we would have bought and items that we'd like but couldn't afford to get. I think Fuss might have more toys at work than she does at home. Anyhow, her present today was 2 baby dolls in a basket and a blanket for them. This is really nice since the dolls look practically new, but I'm slightly bummed since Fuss's big present for Christmas this year is her first baby doll. But she had so much fun playing with them this morning, that I'm letting my disappointment slide in response to her joy. One baby comes with a bottle and it feels as if it should do something other than simply hold the bottle in it's mouth (something solid in the cloth body) but I haven't found an opening for a switch or battery, so maybe not. The other doll has a pacifier and when it comes in contact with the baby's mouth, the baby fusses, sucks, giggles and if you leave it in long enough, the baby falls asleep. The eyes scrunch up, it's face moves and when it falls asleep, the tummy rises and falls. Fuss is fascinated.

3. Friday mornings we often let her sleep in and my husband brings her to me on his way to work. This way I get a little peace, he gets some one-on-one time with her, and everybody is happier for it. This morning he brought her in, all dressed up in a bright, festive outfit. I thought she looked like a bright bit of Christmas.

4. I need to make cookies this weekend. I used to start my holiday baking on Thanksgiving weekend every year, but lately, haven't been as motivated. (One year I made a dozen different types of cookies, 2 types of fudge and 1 type of chocolate bar thing - I have yet to even attempt that many varieties, though it was fun while it lasted.) But next week we have a cookie exchange for MOPs, so there MUST be cookies made before then. My husband's favorite are Cowboy Cookies and my favorites are Snickerdoodles. (also my grandma's gingerbread cookies, but I cannot stand making cutout cookies by myself. I always have such a terrible experience that they rarely get even as far as having more than 2 or 3 to decorate, which is my favorite part. I wish my local supermarket would make a plain gingerbread cutout cookie that you could decorate yourself...)

5. About half our Christmas decorations are up. The inside is all but done and I've done my part of the outside ones (door wreath, and entryway decorations) and Daddy Fuss needs to put up the lights this weekend. He never gets home before dark these days, so it has to be the weekend.

6. We are wanting to take a long weekend vacation in the spring, just the two of us. Possibly our "last hurrah" if we get pregnant soon since we likely won't be able to get away for any length of time from a baby. We are trying to figure out how to afford it. I want to do it, but so often I wonder if travel is really just a way to blow money. You get nothing tangible from it (unless you buy souvenirs) and while the memories are important, I always wonder if doing something constructive with that time and money would be a more responsible way to go. I guess I just feel guilty planning trips when there are more practical things to do, and yet, I reallyreally want to do this, to have some time to relax and enjoy and be with my husband and enjoy a place we both love. I guess it's a conundrum to say the least.

7. Last weekend I went to that baby shower for my childhood best friend and I saw her with her 2 SILs. Kate grew up with 2 brothers and as kids it was always the boys vs. the girl in that house. Sure, they loved each other in that "you're my family" sort of way, but to say they were friends would have been laughable. Post-college, they all ended up in a N FL city together and chose to live together, which always amused me. Now, all 3 are married to some terrific people and as I watched her with her SILs, I was a little jealous. They were friends. Close friends. My whole life, I wanted a sister and I married into a family where my husband has 3 and we have nothing in common and at the beginning at least, they didn't even like me. (We're beginning to forge a friendship, but they still aren't the type I can call up and shoot the breeze with, or beg them to meet me for coffee so I can escape the house). I know I'm not the only one with in-law troubles, but sometimes I wish for a different scenario.

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