Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas recap

We have a very silly little girl around here. On Christmas Day there was just too much going on and there was no nap. Surprisingly, she remained happy, cheerful and very pleasant, but think this might have something to do with her aunts Yazz (J) and Zizi (LP). They entertain her like nobody else. I think J read her almost every book she received for Christmas, and believe me, there were plenty of them.

In the morning when she (finally) woke up (I do not expect this to last to next Christmas - I believe this is the last Christmas we will be sleeping in for at least the next 20 years...) she began opening presents, but ultimately got tired and distracted by that, so had 2 more to open later on. Of course, one of them was her big present (a doll) from Santa. She loved them. Wanted to play with them all as soon as she opened them. She's fascinated with all her new things and flits from one to another when we leave them all out. (I'm working on getting her to pick up things when she finishes playing with them, but I imagine this will be a long process, though I admit that she is doing a pretty good job).

My mom had made a big deal about wanting to come over early to exchange gifts before everyone else came over. Of course, she didn't show up when she said she would and was in fact, running so far behind that she also hadn't yet actually cooked the casserole she was responsible for bringing...

The family began showing around 1:00 and everyone was here by 2:00. We began serving around 2:30. It was a happy time - we all had more than enough food and fellowship.

It was a wonderful Christmas full of family and laughter.

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