Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Though we adore them individually...

"... we agree that as a group, they're rather stupid."* This has been running through my head over the last day or so when I'm inwardly grumbling about the males in my house (my husband and our 2 dogs) who have kept me awake for hours (combined) over the last few nights making noises. (Snoring and scratching, respectively.) My daughter has also had restless sleep, but her noises are much easier to deal with, since she wakes, cries, and then (usually) puts herself back to sleep. We finally got a cold snap that lasted more than 36 hours and now it seems to be taking it's effect on those who are nearest and dearest. Snarfly noses, snoring, and extremely cold feet seem to be the most bothersome features. I was ready for the cold, but I'm wishing the ill-effects would leave us alone.

I had my last work day of the week today! Here's to 3-day work weeks, let me just say. I could so deal with that. Now for the cleaning frenzy. It's too bad that I'm not in the mood. guess I'd better snap out of that, huh?

We're working on a knew behavior technique with the Fuss. (Side note: I asked her what her name was today and she answered, "Fuss." I guess I call her that often enough that she thinks it's her name. Huh.) It requires me to be more active with her (in other words, I have to be more on top of dealing with problems, regardless of what I am doing at the time) and sometimes it requires us to be more stubborn than she is when we need to get our way (not your will, but mine!) but so far, it seems to be working. And mostly I'm able to keep my temper by nipping it in the bud before things get out of hand. But I need to learn to think about what I'm telling her to do before I say it, since I then have to act immediately if she disobeys. On the other hand, she's learned the word "obey" rather quickly.

I am very much looking forward to this weekend - we even have a few hours of babysitting (Thanks to Aunt "Yass") on Saturday and Daddy Fuss and I are going to a movie! I cannot wait.

*Taken from what Disney musical? Do ya know it? And if you don't, you should.

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