Friday, December 18, 2009

7 Quick Takes (Christmas 2009 edition)

1. We had 24 adults invited to Christmas dinner at our house, knowing that some wouldn't come, but not knowing which ones those people were. When most of my side made other plans, we totaled 10 and then added 2 adults and 2 kids to our list. When all my step-brothers (and their significant others) told their dad they wouldn't be available afterall, my mom asked if we could include them afterall. So we are at 14 adults and 3 kids under 3. Should be interesting.

2. I wanted to have a small gift for the cousin's kids that would be in attendance during gift-opening time. I had no idea what to get an almost-3-yr-old boy and just-barely-1-yr-old girl (I should know that, though, huh?) that also didn't cost much since I hadn't budgeted for those gifts originally. I called my friend Meg who has a 3-yr-old son for ideas for the boy and scoured the aisles at the -Mart store I was at for an idea for the girl. Ultimately, I ended up with a set of Hot Wheels cars for the boy and bought some pretty nice board books at the dollar store for the girl (one of Fuss's favorite things is books, and that's been the case for awhile, so I figured, why not?)

3. I haven't bought our turkey yet. Is that bad?

4. I'm tempted to buy disposable cooking dishes for both the turkey and the stuffing and anything else I've committed to making so that I have even less to deal w/ post-Christmas. Is that wasteful and completely horrible for the environment?

5. We never got our outside lights up and the only opportunity we will have between now and Christmas is this weekend. Is it silly to put up the lights a week before Christmas? We usually take them down shortly after New Year's.

6. I had the worst time picking out the template for our photo card, because for some reason, my standard-size picture wasn't fitting properly on the cards, why is that? But I found one that I liked, so there we go. I'm not nearly as impressed by this year's picture as I was by last year's (last year we had a friend who is a professional photographer take our pics and the only problem with it was that 9+ month old Fuss wasn't smiling).

7. My under-tree is overflowing with presents. We have an antique trunk that we set up our half-sized tree on, and I just ran out of room this year. I had to set up a box to the side of the trunk to set the over flow on. And I'm so happy with how pretty they all look - everything is gold, silver, red and white and it's all shiny and pretty.

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  1. It's totally okay that you haven't bought your turkey yet. Just make sure you don't buy a frozen one at this point!