Saturday, December 12, 2009

Where I've been

Right here. I've been right. here.

My internet has been horrible this week. We don't really know why. But today, Saturday, is the first day I haven't had to STRUGGLE to read my email (more than 80 new ones), blog reading, and do any sort of online shopping/searching that I need to do. Hopefully, whatever problem I was having has been resolved.


I've done a good chunk of my holiday shopping, I've baked 2 kinds of cookies, I bought Fuss's Christmas dress, had it cleaned, freaked out when it fell apart, and replaced it with another. Fuss helped pick out the present she's gonna give her Daddy, and figured out what to get my step-dad. And more.

I worked, of course, and had my usual "odd schedule" so I could go to MOPs on Friday and do our cookie exchange (there were some amazing creations in my take home package. I only wish I knew what they were and who made them.)

I've done laundry, kept my husband happy, re-read a short trilogy and restarted the Twilight books (I'm on to New Moon already). I even had 2 hours Fuss-free on Friday when my SIL took her to give me some down time. Tonight is our first Christmas party of the season, and Fuss will be adorable in her red and black outfit (that I still need to post here...)

I've battled headaches and some major back issues this week, but have remembered to temp for the last 5 days, so I'm pretty proud of myself.

We've watched some favorite Christmas movies (Love, Actually and Miracle on 34th St - the original) and drunk egg nog and Kahlua and creams. And cookies, lots of cookies.

I even made a reasonably spectacular meatloaf last night.

I am tired. I have missed my internet, my Facebooking, my blog reading (Maggie is the only one I was able to read this week - even more often than I read my email), and also my blog writing. I might not be the most interesting of bloggers, but I like doing it.

I look forward to getting back in the game this week.

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