Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Temporarily back

I haven't had internet access again, so I'm pirating off of some neighbor's connection right now. I feel bad, but I'm desperate. I hadn't checked my email in 2 days, needed to drop a line to a cousin who is coming to Christmas, and needed to check a few things online to make sure they were what I thought they were. Crazy.

Add to that that Fuss threw a HUMONGOUS fit in the parking lot after my morning walk, throw in the in inevitable headache that is pounding in my head and pile on the list of things to do this week (I got so much accomplished yesterday and yet, my list keeps on growing, how is that?) and I am one very tired, stressed, and busy Mama.

We had a "Christmas dress disaster" over the weekend, where Fuss's Christmas dress didn't come out of the wash-before-wear process in the same condition it went in... The family photos we took for our Christmas cards are all out of focus (retakes tonight, I hope) and my house is a disaster. Seriously. I don't know what is going on here, but I'm not usually one of those Christmas-makes-me-stressed sorts, so I don't get it. Maybe it's just all hitting me at once.

I'm working on a couple of posts about what gifts I'm giving this year and which ones I'd like to give. Budget cuts, you know? I love giving gifts, especially at Christmas, so this whole buying on a budget thing kinda stinks.

My husband the computer geek thinks our IPS-supplied modem may have died (again) and so who knows what my internet status will be in the coming days. I hate being so absentee, especially since I quit journaling a few years ago and this is my only record of my life now. Sigh. Hope you all are having a great pre-Christmas time and are looking forward to celebrating the true meaning of Christmas - the birth of Christ and love and family.

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