Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hello out there!

I am having internet issues, so my spotty posting is not a nod to "NaBloPoMo" in that I posted a lot in November, so I don't have to post as often in December. Honest. It's just that my internet provider is only allowing me to get online (slowly) once or twice a day for 15 minute periods (or so it seems). I am behind on my blog reading and obviously, also my blog writing. And you can forget the message boards all together. Too many pictures and sparkly blinky things to load, it never finishes coming up.

Plus, there isn't that much interesting going on around here right at the moment. We did some Christmas shopping over the weekend and got Fuss's Christmas dress. Not the one I wanted (didn't have it in her size. I was seriously contemplating trying to squeeze her into a size 18 mos for a minute there but then thought we'd have a repeat of the plaid dress from last year, so...) and we will be borrowing the backdrop of my mother's Christmas tree over the weekend to take some family pictures. We have our first holiday party this weekend (Sunday School group) and our other one next weekend (youngest SIL's annual bash with a stated end-time of 1:30am. Yeah. We'll be leaving early)

But! I have a pictures! Of a cute toddler! That blogger won't let me load, apparently. Huh. I thought something looked odd. Well then... maybe tomorrow?

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