Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Yeah. My internet still isn't working.

This post brought to you by the unsuspecting neighbor whom I'm borrowing internet from. Again.

All of the presents on my list (and a few that weren't on my list) have been bought, my 23.5 lb turkey (Archibald, but we call him Archie) is hangin' out in my fridge and my Christmas cards have (finally) been sent. Those who live across the country (hi, Maggie) will likely get theirs after Christmas, but the cute smile on my baby girl will be worth it anyhow.

I have cleaning to do, of course, but most of it is manageable. My husband spent 2-3 hours on Sunday in the kitchen making casseroles for the week so we don't have food prep to deal with, messing up the kitchen. I even made a killer batch of spiced pecans yesterday and I must say they are delicious. Yum.

I've had a few spasms of sadness the last few days, thinking about the baby that I lost - when it's been awhile since I thought about it, it hurts more the first time. We're in full-swing trying again and I might know by New Year's (which would be nice, since we have plans that involve alcohol for the non-expecting). Since the only thing I truly want for Christmas for than anything is the one thing no one can give me, (a baby) I am much more laid back this year about what I am being given. I am so excited for Fuss to open her presents - I think she's going to be fascinated. And I am incredibly relieved that I will be able to trade out the board books we keep at work for some that I don't have memorized, ha ha.

In case I don't get back on here for the next few days, I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I hope that your time with family and friends is joyful and that you make the time to remember that Jesus is the reason for the season. I'm searching my house for my copy of "The Mark of the Maker" which is my favorite version of the Christmas story - a version that makes the story a lot more personal. If you ever have the chance, I suggest you read it. It gives a lot more depth to the personality of Joseph, especially.

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  1. No, I got mine on Christmas Eve! Well done!

    Thinking good baby thoughts, girl.