Tuesday, July 5, 2011

the 4th and the 10

We had a wonderful long weekend with Daddy Fuss arriving home on Friday afternoon. The Little Man couldn't stop smiling that first afternoon. It was so cute!

We spent time together on Saturday and Sunday - not doing anything special, per se, but just being together as a family. It was easy and low-key and mostly relaxing. (The non-relaxing parts involved the Fuss being temperamental, dramatic, arguementative and obnoxious. In other words, Being Three.)

We spent the evening of the Fourth at my oldest friend, Cherry's parents' beach condo. Good food, good friends, and brilliant, gorgeous fireworks on the beach.

And here's the T on T questions...

1. What do you traditionally do for 4th of July?
When I was a little kid, we would go with my best friend's family to their beach club and watch the fireworks on the beach. As an older kid, my dad and I would buy the kits at the grocery store and we'd light off the legal ones in the street.

The last several years, we've gone to Cherry's parents' place and watched the fireworks on St Pete Beach. You can see a bunch of shows from that vantage point and it is always a good time.

2. Did you follow your tradition this year? How did you celebrate yesterday?
As I mentioned above, we went there again this year and the kids had fun. Little Man just stared and stared at the pretty lights until about 5 minutes before the end, when the overstimulation and way-past-bedtime-ness hit him. He burried his head in my shoulder and was SO over it.

3. What’s the best fireworks show you’ve ever seen?
Last night's was pretty spectacular. The show got rained out last year, so I think they might have saved up.

4. Have you ever been injured by a firecracker?

5. Burger, Brat, or Hot Dog?
Burgers if I have a choice. I'm not a big fan of brats, so I'd take a hot dog if that's all that is offered. Yesterday we were treated to ribs, though and they were amazing!

6. Do you sport red, white and blue on our Independence Day?
I usually do something akin to that. Often, I sport blue and white (I don't have a lot of red) and claim my hair is red enough to count as my red. I did have the kids decked out in Red, white and blue, though.

7. If you had to be from any country other than the USA, what country would it be?
I'm not sure how to answer that question. I've only been to Canada and I liked it, but I know it would be too cold for me year round, so I don't know if I could live there all the time or not. Maybe England?

8. Charcoal or gas?
Don't care. We have a gas grill and I love it.

9. What’s your favorite thing about this fair country of ours?
Hmmm, I don't know. I love our country, but I'm a little frustrated with some things right now, so nothing is coming to mind. I know there is a lot of good in our country, though!

10. God Bless the USA, My Country Tis of Thee, or the Star Spangled Banner?
I love a well-done version of God Bless the USA. But I also like the other ones, too.


  1. Glad you had a great holiday - you needed it! Henry has been giving up his afternoon nap lately, so by 7:30 or 8 last night he had enough and I put him to bed. No fireworks for him. Spencer has always been scared of loud noises so he freaks out about fireworks, but I brought his computer headphones out with him last night so he thought his ears were safe and he actually enjoyed the fireworks for the first time.

  2. My kids aren't huge fans of loud noises, either. I was a little worried about the baby freaking, but he was totally fine with it. Fuss pretended to be scared for a bit when the big show started, but she got some cuddle time and then helped daddy take pictures, so she was totally fine.

  3. We didnany make it to any fireworks this year. I'm pretty bummed.