Friday, July 15, 2011

6 quick takes

1. I think the meds might be working a little. I've realized that this week I've at least made some effort to get out and be social and I've enjoyed it. I even made multiple phone calls yesterday trying to find someone to do something with (it ended up not working out, but that was good because the kids ended up taking extra long naps and I got one, too). But this is more like me - trying to get out of the house, trying to see friends.

2. I want to get to the mall to buy some shorts. I have one pair of shorts, so they are needed. And I live in FL - the land of the eternal summer - so I really should have more than one pair of shorts. And my BFF found some really cute ones at JC Penney's recently (and I tried on hers and they are SO comfortable, too) so I'm hoping to get to the mall soon.

3. At midnight last night, the baby woke up and wouldn't settle down. He wanted to be held, and he wanted milk. I had only fed him 4-5 timesyesterday (instead of 5-6) and I'm seeing that despite more solids, he's resisting my very slow weaning process. This could get interesting.

4. As I was rocking him last night, he had his head on my chest and was snuggled close and then he just decided he wasn't tired and sat up. He's got his paci in his mouth and he's messing with the taggies on his blanket and he looked so serious with his round little head and chubby cheeks. It was so adorable. But I was so tired, so I was still trying to get him to go back to sleep, but sometimes I look at him and there's just that moment, that pang of unbridled love... it's amazing.

5. My little girl has really sprouted up recently. Ever since she was born, she has had her daddy's short little legs, but recently, they have stretched out and she's getting to be like a little filly. And she is SO pretty. Sometimes I look at her and I wonder if there has ever been a more beautiful little girl in the world. (I know that this is maybe a little biased, since I am her mother, but seriously, this girl is just beautiful.) Her big eyes, her long, dark eye lashes, she beautiful smile, the dimple, her curls... she's amazing.

6. My husband was listing all the things that we have going on this weekend - and I'm frustrated because almost all of it involves him doing stuff and me and the kids doing stuff - just like the bulk of every week. Frustrating.

7. I'm out of things to say for my 7th thing... and this is a new computer, so I don't even have any pictures to share.

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