Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lack of title

I've been bad about posting lately, but it's actually somewhat of a good thing. I've been busy - getting away from the house, getting away from the computer screen and the cave of my bedroom. I'm starting to feel like me again - a drowsy me, but me nonetheless. I sleep okay, but it's never long enough and I have SO much trouble waking up no matter how long I've slept, but I'm managing.

Fuss is going to her first VBS this week - she is loving it. It's being held at the church that I grew up in, the one where we got married and served as Youth Leaders (our church was too small to afford a full-time youth pastor, so they took volunteers to lead the youth group, though after our first year we did get a small stipend that worked out to be about $2 per hour, but I digress...) we had a falling out with the pastor a few years ago, though I still think he's an amazing teacher/pastor I think sometimes he's not a good administrator... and I miss that church. I miss knowing everyone and being a part of it.

Anyway, she's having fun and I'm enjoying the break. I still have the baby with me the whole time, but suddenly I find it so much easier to cart around one child instead of 2! I discussed this with a friend yesterday who just had her 2nd as well and we both remembered being over-whelmed with carting our first child around, but now that we have 2, one seems easy.

The kids are both going to spend the night with their aunt at her house this weekend. This will be a first. Little Man has done well in the past sleeping outside of his bed, but it will be a different experience since he has trouble settling down without nursing as it is... but it's her choice to let him try.

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