Monday, July 25, 2011

Wild Weekend in review

We had a wild weekend. We left both kids with my SIL who was house-sitting nearby on Saturday night. Fuss has spent the night w/ Aunt LP a couple of times in her life, but Little Man has never spent the night away from home without me. (The combination of not-his-bed and no mommy made me very nervous, but it all worked out well.) He took 2 bottles of cows milk with no major issues, though he was very interested in Mama Milk when we picked him up on Sunday morning.

We spent the evening with our best friends at their house (they also farmed out their kids at the in-laws) and had an evening of silliness (helped by the fairly large quantity of liquor we all consumed) including card games, tipsy Wii playing, and my first experience skinny dipping. Then my husband and I spent the night on the 2nd-worst air mattress I've ever slept on and we woke very sore and comfortable the next morning. I am still recovering.

Fuss insisted on going to church with her aunt, so we took the Little Man and went to breakfast at IHOP. The food really hit the spot and the Little Man LOVED it. He kept eating and eating and actually had pretty good accuracy so most of it actually got in his mouth. He loved eggs and pancakes and kept smacking the table to tell us "more, more!"

We had an early dinner cookout at the park with our best friends and our other good friend, M and her 3 kids. Over all there 13 of us and the kids had a blast despite the heat and the copious amounts of ants that were all over the place. The Little Man astounded us again by eating an entire hot dog (cut into small pieces, of course) plus a small helping of baked beans. He was wearing half of it, but having a wonderful time.

It wore out all the kids and both mine at least slept very well last night! Since our sleep the night before hadn't been so good, that worked out very nicely for us!

I'll be spending a good part of my day today making cupcakes and mixing icing colors for class tonight. I'm looking forward to this class. I'll be doing a lot of cleaning this week and packing by the end of the week for our trip to North Carolina next week. We'll be going up to visit my SIL LB while my husband does some work up there. (And his boss pays for our travel expenses.) LP will be staying at our house while we're gone, so I need to make it much more presentable in anticipation.

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  1. I'm so glad you had a good weekend - sounds like you're getting your mojo back! :)