Thursday, July 14, 2011

Some bits and pieces

So Wednesday, the Little Man randomly wanted to go down for his morning nap an hour earlier than normal. I chalked it up to randomness and the fact that he slept horribly the night before and fed him and put him down. He then slept longer than usual and I woke him up because we were planning on going somewhere and I wanted to guarantee he would take an afternoon nap, which sometimes is more difficult if he gets too much sleep in the morning. But then, he did it again this morning. Only he slept pretty well last night. And I completely missed the signs because he'd been a bit fussy all morning anyhow and he just passed out without getting fed. I mean, it's fine for him to take a nap earlier, but I've got one porn-star-sized leaking breast right now, so that's unfortunate. But it really might be for the best - this rescheduling of the nap time. It will make it easier to get things done if he sleeps and wakes earlier in the mornings.

My mom redid my childhood bedroom recently. It's been a guest room, but it was still filled with a lot of my childhood stuff, the bed I slept in in college, etc. Now, it's not even recognizable as my childhood room - new flooring, new paint, new curtains, even a new fan. And she gave me a bunch of stuff yesterday that she no longer has room for, so I joked "you're really kicking me out, huh?" The biggest problem is, I don't have room for much of it, either. So I'll be Craigslisting and ebaying a bunch of collectibles and such in the coming days. I'm sort of psyched about that anyhow, because I'm all about down-sizing right at the moment. I feel like we've just got too much stuff! But the couple of things that I really wanted to keep from childhood - I have no idea where to store them!

Fuss asked me the other day what I collected - and I really didn't have an answer for her. I used to have SO many collections. I collected dolls, I collected figurines, books, even names. But now? I don't have any real "collections" of anything. My house is decorated with pictures of my friends and family, but not really anything else. (I have a few flowers from my wedding and a candle or two, as well.) I wonder sometimes - is this a sign of less interest in things, or is this a sign of my desire to clean out the cobwebs.

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