Sunday, June 10, 2007

9 Pieces of things we happen to have in our pockets

Terrible blogger here! I have been so busy at work lately; I haven’t had time to post. Even my after-work life has been hectic. My oldest SIL has been in town all week and we’ve been trying to squeeze time with her in with our regular activities.

Some highlights of my week included:

Eating out nearly every night. We did dinner at PF Chang’s and Joto’s (a favorite local pizza joint) with my in-laws and sushi w/ Mr. Wally. It was good to see Mr. Wally – it’s been a long time. Wally was Mr. Moose’s best man at the wedding, his former pseudo-boss at the photo shop and a great guy all around. Wally’s son, Dave, used to work for me at the cleaners and is a fellow geek. (In case you’re curious, Wally is probably a good 20 years older than Mr. Moose and I – he has 2 kids, both teens and is living the life of a single dad.) He told us about the changes he’s been making in his life lately – primarily financially. He’s switched to the Dave Ramsey system and is getting rid of all his debt. He was encouraging us (gently – he’s not a preacher) to do the same.

Ovulating! Finally! On CD 18 I ovulated rendering this cycle not a complete waste.

Training in the accounting department at work. Our temporary bookkeeper is none so wonderful, so I’ve been learning the billing process and attempting to get this woman trained and the billing out as soon as possible. Our goal is usually the 10th (for those keeping score at home – tomorrow), which isn’t going to happen, but I’m hoping for the right week at least.

Filling in in the media department. With our media director gone, my boss has no one to turn to to do all the “dirty work” in the media department. In addition to the data entry I’ve been having to do to get all the billing done, I’ve been researching media reps and doing budget analysis.

Seeing Pirates 3 for the second time. Mr. Moose and I took SIL to the Pirates movie on Friday. A much improved answer to the second one, which we weren’t crazy about. Some great stuff. Gotta love that Johnny Depp.

Having what I’m assuming is hormonal headaches. Began Friday night and then off and on on Saturday. Sunday I woke up fine, but as the early part of the morning wore on, I began to feel nauseous and then my head began to pound. It was so bad, I returned to bed and sent Mr. Moose to church without me. There was no way I was going to be able to handle the music with my head as it was. I’m still feeling it in the background, but it’s become more of a functional headache as the afternoon began. I don’t think I’ve ever noticed the pattern before, but the fact that it started to be a problem the same day I got my first high temps tells me that it’s probably a reaction to the progesterone. Don’t quote me on that, though – I got my MD from Google. ☺

I’m hoping to be a more dedicate blogger in the near future. Thank you to the readers who have stayed with me

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