Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Basic daily updates (sorry for the bad title)

We are scheduled to have dinner with my dad and his (long term) girlfriend (whom I adore and will be another grandmother-like person for the baby) on Friday night. Without giving away too much info, I tried to schedule a time closer to now, but that was the soonest it worked for him.

This morning, he was giving my BFF (who works for him) an inquisition and has suggested that he thinks it might be about a baby. Apparently, I am more transparent than I thought.

My sister is not being cooperative either, (ha ha) so I will have to call her this weekend. She wrote me back, but completely skipped over the question about her Skype info, so that idea is out unless I want to continue to wait. She is going for her first prenatal appointment today to check on her baby (due in 4-5 months, I think?). As this is her 4th, she put herself on vitamins and was in no hurry to get into the doctor. I think I will always want to get into the doctor early on, to tell you the truth – but both my mom and grandma had miscarriages during their second pregnancies and I come from a long line of worriers. Maybe if I get to a 4th kid (oh goodness!) I will be m ore laid back like my sister.

My step-father announced to his office this week that he is going to be a grandfather, so apparently the surprise he felt when we told him on Sunday has somewhat subsided. (He said he wasn’t sure he was quite ready to be a grandfather or a “Doc” as we have dubbed him in a nod to his PhD).

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