Wednesday, June 13, 2007

That's What You Get, Folks, For Making Whoopee

Both my sister and friend M have announced their pregnancies in the last month. Since then, I’ve had multiple dreams/thoughts that everyone around me is also pregnant. The other night, I dreamt about seeing my OB/GYN and her telling me that she was expecting. She’s not old by any means (I’d say under 40), but she has a kid who is about 7 and it appears that she is done having kids, so that would be surprising. I then had a dream that an old friend of mine, Lindsey announced that she was pregnant with her 3rd. Her daughter was born in October, so that’s kinda quick. Lindsey and I were pretty good friends growing up – we’ve known each other since I was in pre-school (her mom was my teacher and she was a year older than me) – but kind of lost touch in college. We see each other for big events – weddings, baby showers, etc. and her mom is a principal at our old alma mater and works with my SIL, so we hear news of each other’s lives through the grapevine, etc. (She’s even helping my mom get a job at her hospital). However, in this dream we were in some sort of convention center and she saw me and ran up to me and announced “I’m pregnant with number 3!” and then left to go talk to someone else. Very weird. Then, about 2 weeks ago, my BF K text messaged me at work “Can you talk for a minute?” I called her and she said “we have some, um, exciting news.” I swear I thought she was about to tell me she was pregnant again (this would also be number 3 for her as well – her son is almost 5 months old). She didn’t. Her husband had just gotten a new car and she was calling to tell me. But I swear I feel like everyone around me is getting knocked up and I’m not.

Speaking of which, anybody see the final, post-credits scene in Pirates 3? How does the dead guy knock up his wife when he only gets 1 day with her and I can’t get pregnant? Geez!

Of course, I’ve been eyeing pregnancy with a little more trepidation lately. The weekend of headaches and several days of nausea have made me re-think my assumption that being pregnant is going to be 9 months of fun. No clue where I got that thought, but I did assume I would like it more than not.

For the last several days I’ve had a very sore/tender chest. Last night I couldn’t sleep on my stomach because it hurt too much to put that much pressure on my front. I can’t remember the last time that happened, if ever. I’m starting to get excited over the prospect of this being a good month. Already 2 girls from my ttc message board have announced their BFP. I still have 6 days to go to reach my 12 day LP since Oed late, but happily, I’m automatically having a longer cycle this month since today is CD24, usually my last day. This having a period every 3 weeks really blows!

I keep wondering about the aspect of women who are doing IVF going on bedrest for 2 days or more after the procedure. Is that to let your body rest up after the trauma, or to encourage implantation? If I’m trying to get pregnant naturally, should I take it easy for a few days after ovulation to encourage implantation?

Even though I’m quite confident that she doesn’t read my blog (thank goodness!) – shout out to my MIL on her birthday today! We’re taking her out for dinner tonight w/ J and L (her younger 2 daughters).

The title for today's post is a nod to a Gilmore Girls episode from Season 7 where Lane learns she is pregnant after her one and only expeience with sex on her honeymoon.

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