Thursday, December 22, 2011

You Live, You Learn

I was with my in-laws (J, LP and my MIL) from 8:30am to 6:30pm yesterday. Seriously, I think 10 hours of them might be too much. Especially without my husband as a buffer. It was nice of them to include me (and the kids) in their holiday plans (LP's gift to her mom) to visit Bok Tower and their holiday display, but wow. It was a really long day.

Add to that that I almost (accidentally) killed my dog. Geez. We wanted to bug-bomb the house while I was gone. So my husband and I rushed around in the morning getting everything ready. When he left, I thought he had put the dog in the garage (where he would spend the day while the house was being fumigated) since I didn't see him anywhere and he didn't get up and make noise when the ILs came, etc. We loaded everyone up, I set off the bombs and we left. Forty-five minutes later, I had the thought - I really hope Daddy Fuss put the dog out. I called him to make sure. He didn't answer, so I called again and he answered. No, he HADN'T put the dog out. I called my mom who was THANKFULLY off that day and able to come by the house and rescue him. We was barking when she arrived, so that was a good sign and didn't seem like he was having a problem and has been fine ever since, as well. But here I was, on my way to a day that I didn't really want to be doing anyhow, worried about my dog... I was really trying to keep it together in front of my MIL and the kids.

Every time I spend a large chunk of time with my ILs, I always vow never again. (without my husband around - it's something very different when he is there to buffer and be on my side, etc.) And it's never really overt, but it's almost like they don't really want me around, they somewhat ignore me, etc. It's a little crazy. And separate, we get along just fine. We can talk and whatever with very little issue, but it's like when they are together, they are this impenetrable unit and I am an outsider.

And what's crazy is that they asked me to come to this thing. They paid. (or LP did.) They could have very easily just asked for Fuss to come along if they had only wanted her (and she was free admission) and I would have been (mostly) fine with that. (We've had one incident where I felt they made poor choices while caring for her, but I really try to not harp on it much. She wasn't hurt or in danger, so I'm working on letting it go. I haven't yet, but I'm working on it.)

Ah, well. I shouldn't really complain. Things are fine. There was no major problem yesterday (other than 2 tired kids at the end of the day) so since it was just my own interpretation of events that led to feeling slighted, I should just get over it.

As the Philosopher Alanis once said, "You live, you learn."

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  1. Man, 10 hours out with two small children sounds exhausting and stressful no matter who else you're with.