Monday, December 12, 2011


The holiday have come to our house. Our (small, fake) tree is up and has ornaments (at least all of the ornaments I'm putting up this year, save our annual family ornament I haven't yet picked out) my wreath has been repaired, improved, and hung on the door. My husband hung the hooks for our lights outside last night (our icicle lights have gone missing the last 2 years. I bought more lights at Target last night.) I don't think I'm putting up my Christmas village this year, though. I'm feeling lazy. And there are already 4 wrapped Christmas presents under the tree! Actually, I think I am done Christmas shopping. I have a few more things to make, but overall, I'm done. That always saddens me, though. I love to shop and I love to give gifts so open season on gift giving for my family and friends is one big shot of joy directly into my veins.

I have a couple more projects to finish - the bean bags for the kids, the doll diapers for Fuss and her friend Gracie (I found a simpler pattern for the diapers and I have lots of cutting out to do over the next few days!) I bought a really nice (but on sale!) journal I think I'm going to give to Kat instead of making her something. I just couldn't figure out what to make. (Though she'll also be getting a small bottle of  homemade Limoncello, so there is that).

I'm unimpressed with the shipping this year. In years past, Amazon, Toys R Us, etc. have exceeded my expectations with the speed of their shipping. Not so much this year. I did most of my online shopping within a week of Thanksgiving. And most of it still hasn't arrived.

Now comes one of my second favorite parts of holiday prep - wrapping. I love making presents look pretty and I learned the art of making tissue paper flowers this year, so my packages will be festooned with pretty and full flowers and bows. I'm really feeling the festive RED this year, so I have lots of red paper and tissue and ribbons. Very pretty.

How exactly does one wrap a bean bag chair, though? Or a handmade (by someone else) step-stool? These are the challenges I'm facing over the next 2 weeks.


  1. I also really love wrapping. Those tissue paper flowers are so pretty! How did you learn to do that?

    (Also, I love your wreath)

  2. Jessica - Pinterest is my friend. I got the instructions for both the flowers and the wreath from there.