Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Adam

My cousin posted on FB this morning that this is Christmas Adam - the day before Christmas Eve (and Adam came before Eve.) Apparently they made a tradition of an appetizer feast on Christmas Adam at their house. Sounds like fun.

My husband is home from work early today. He snuck into the back yard to put together the climber toy that we got the kids for Christmas. Now we have to finish wrapping and CLEAN UP THE HOUSE. Kat and Gracie came by to drop off presents for the kids and I was SO embarassed! The house is a disaster.

I'm cooking my crabcakes for lunch. I have another headache and I am just SO over the pain and discomfort I've been feeling lately. I'm not REALLY old enough to feel this old. I have joint pain, muscle pain, back pain and then there are the headaches. I just want it to be OVER.

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